The trend towards dispute resolution procedures other than litigation in the courts of law continues to grow. Likewise, our Alternative Dispute Resolution (also known as ADR) practice is flourishing, as we continue to provide our clients with the best legal services to meet this growing preference for ADR procedures:

  • arbitration: we have a sizeable team of lawyers with substantial arbitration experience. Our depth of experience ensures that we have the ability to provide the best legal representation for our clients in arbitrations irrespective of the nature of the issues in dispute. To this end, our lawyers regularly contest both domestic and international arbitrations, and have seen the length and breadth of arbitrable disputes ranging from major infrastructure disputes to telecommunication disputes to private banking claims. We are also well versed in the various arbitration rules published by leading arbitral bodies such as the International Chamber of Commerce, the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators, to name a few. Furthermore, a number of our lawyers are fellows or members of key arbitral institutions and bodies;
  • adjudication: substantial growth has been seen over the last few years, especially with respect to the building and construction industry. We have successfully represented our client in the first adjudication hearing in Singapore pursuant to the Building and Construction Security of Payment Act and we continue to regularly assist clients resolve disputes through adjudication; and
  • mediation and negotiation: there may be times when a non-confrontational settlement is in the best interests of a client. Such commercially driven dispute resolution procedures are regularly spearheaded by our lawyers to assist and ensure that our clients achieve the desired outcome to a problem. Such alternative procedures would include institutional and ad hoc mediations, and negotiations.